Why you should get involved in high school esports

“We know the benefits of traditional high school sports and how teamwork and productive collaboration can be promoted through meaningful competition. If this can be promoted in rugby or cricket, why not in League of Legends?

Through gaming, we have the opportunity to reach a different type of student, one who’s never been passionate about high school sports, but would enjoy the opportunity to learn these exact same soft and hard skills by playing League of Legends. We believe League of Legends can help to cultivate friendship, cooperation, and teamwork among students – essential skills that will prove invaluable when building relationships and careers.

When playing League of Legends things can get pretty heated – it is a competitive game and it means a lot to those who play. In-game, students have to make split-second decisions that impact whether their team will win or lose, which is not an easy thing to do. Skills like communication, resilience, and leadership are so important in a competitive environment, and often overlooked by those who play games without guidance. It’s for this reason that LoL can be used as a tool to facilitate purposeful conversations between educators and students, helping students understand what appropriate online behaviour looks like, and how to put this into practice.”

Riot Games Oceania, https://oce.learnwithleague.com/

Our mission is to engage with schools, parents, and government to help high school students improve life skills and educational outcomes through their passion for esports and gaming. You can read more about us here.

We believe in what Riot Games are doing through their LoL clubs initiative and think this is a great vehicle to deliver positive results for students in your schools. Having students and gamers learn teamwork, communication, resilience and online behaviour can only be good for their growth and development.

That is why we are providing more opportunities for students and teachers to get involved by being a part of the High School League of Legends Championships AU & NZ.

If you’re a student
A teacher is required to participate in the META High School Esports. You can help get things started by talking to the teachers at your school and letting them know that you’re interested in the program. Who knows? They might even be League of Legends players too!
Once you’ve spoken to a teacher, link them to https://oce.learnwithleague.com/ to help them learn more about League of Legends in school or if they are keen to sign up a team direct them to https://www.metahse.gg/leagues/league-of-legends-2/

If you’re a teacher
Put the word out in your school that you want to participate in META and/or start a League of Legends club. You can find helpful resources about League of Legends here – https://oce.learnwithleague.com/knowledgebase/ and you can learn more about the league and sign up for the META here – https://www.metahse.gg/leagues/league-of-legends-2/

We are excited to see what the future brings in this space and the positive outcomes that we can bring to students. We hope you will join us on this journey.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out through email or call.

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+61 3 8539 6199