HSEL LoL 2018 prizes

The High School Esports League is about learning through play, sportsmanship and team camaraderie. It’s about growing as an individual and as a team. While every team will get something out of HSEL, the top teams will be rewarded for their dedication and skill as well.

Below are the prizes for each state premier and challenger division competition (VIC, SA, NT, SA, WA)

Premier Division
1st – 13,500 RP + Triumphant Ryze + State Championship medals + qualify for the next stage in the High School AU & NZ Championship
2nd – 9,000 RP
3rd – 6,000 RP
4th – 4,000 RP
5th – 2,500 RP
6th – 1,500 RP
7th – 1,500 RP
8th – 1,500 RP

Challenger Division
1st – 5,000 RP + Triumphant Ryze
2nd – 3,500 RP
3rd – 2,500 RP
4th – 2,000 RP
5th – 1,500 RP
6th – 1,000 RP
7th – 1,000 RP
8th – 1,000 RP


– Riot Point prizes are per team, to be distributed among players.
– To be eligible for Triumphant Ryze players must have played 2 or more games for the first place team.
– Players in the top 8 teams from both divisions will also receive a 10 win XP boost
РShould your team progress to the next stage in the High School AU & NZ Championship there will be playing vs the champions of each region and have an opportunity to be flown to Sydney should you make the grand finals.

You can find out more about the schedule here