Submitting team information

This article will help you submit team information after registering your school on our website.

Note – If you haven’t joined our discord server yet please do, you can get in touch with us and other teachers there. The discord server link is in the email we send out when you register on our website (check your junk/spam folder if you don’t see it).

Note – You will need your team information submitted by 23rd of May.

  1. Accessing the School portal – head to this website link, reset your password and you can then log into the school portal. The email address you use to log in and reset your password is the .edu email you registered with.
  2. Your school profile page – See the below image for reference. You will need to do two things to submit your team information;
    1) Personal details – you will need to hit the edit button and fill out all the fields and hit “Submit”.For your email and phone number put in details we can use to contact you in case of emergency situations. (Use your school number/email if that is appropriate)For personal address, feel free to input the school address again.

    2) This is where you will submit team information, first you would edit/add teams then update the teams line up information. We will go through this below.

  3. Adding teams – Select the “Edit Teams” button as seen above and you will be shown the below options, select “Add Team”
    Once you press “Add Team” you will be able to input a team name. Click “Add Team” as many times as required to add multiple teams.
    Once you have inputted team names hit “Save”. Once that is done, you should see your team names shown under “Registered Teams”
  4. Adding team line ups – Once you have your teams listed, net you need to press “update teams line up”, this will take you to the following screen.1) you can selected the registered teams, denoted by the blue highlight2) this is where you will submit team information

    Once you are done hit “Submit”

  5. All fields should be filled out once you are complete, here is an example of what it would look like.
    If you have any questions feel free to get in touch on our discord server.Next post will be around on the day logistics and what to do on game day.

    Remember to check out the rules here and schedule here