What is Honour?

As you may have noticed in the rules, for a player to be eligible their League of Legends account must be in good standing with the games Honour system. Participants Honour level must be 2 or higher.

Lets go through a few quick points about Honour and how you can talk to your students about it.

Here is a 2017 video about the initial release of honour, while there have been updates to the in game system most of the features and functions still hold true. If you want you can read about the latest honor update here.


Below is some information from the League of Legends Wiki

The Honour system is used to incentivize positive behavior among the League of Legends community by identifying and rewarding players who positively influence the gameplay experience of others in their games.

After the game ends, before entering the post-game lobby, each player is given 40 seconds to recognize one other ally player in one of three categories. Players can only honor other players in matchmade games (including Co-op vs AI), and cannot honor themselves or opponents.

  • All players begin with honor level two.
  • Individuals can advance up to level five through receiving honors and playing matchmade games. Progression is not explicitly tied to an absolute number of honors received.
  • Each honor level has three checkpoints, and reaching each checkpoint rewards the player, leveling up also rewards the player.
  • Individuals punished for their behavior will get demoted and will temporarily not be able to level up, based on how grave the penalty is:
    • Bad behavior, but not worth for a chat restriction: Slows experience gain.
    • Chat restriction: One level demote.
    • 14-Day Ban: Demote to level 0.


How should I talk to my students about Honour?

It’s important to note that in League of Legends everyone starts at Honour level 2 and can move up to Honour level 5 with consistent play. You don’t need to be overly nice or sportsmanlike, as long as you play to win you will slowly climb in Honour levels. The only way to fall below Honour level 2 is through negative behaviour, your students may have had a chat restriction or 14 day ban in the past.

If this is the case they might not be Honour level 2 and would have to wait till they are before they can participate in HSEL. This is a great opportunity to have a chat to your students about their online behaviour. When a player in League of Legends is punished they will receive a “chat log” which shows a few games chat and why they were handed their punishment. It might help to ask to see this to start that discussion.

You can see your students honour level by asking to see their profile page in game