So you decided to start playing League

First of all welcome! League of Legends is an amazing game with a vibrant community. It’s a game where there is triumph for those who strive together and offers a path of never ending mastery.

It’s also a really complicated game, and you need to understand a lot of information before you can be even reasonably effective. I’m not going to bury you with an immense amount of information and facts about the game but I will try to delve a little into what makes this game special and why you might want to dedicate some time to really learning what this game is all about.

There are many reasons to play League of Legends, it could be the champions, story, art, community, game-play(yes thats what the map used to look like), competition (watch for 10 minutes starting from this point. this is the 2016 OPL finals in Brisbane), a combination of those or all of them!

For a lot of the core player base (me included), game play and competition are at the center of our passion for this game. The seemingly never endless mastery curve, team play and player vs player nature makes every game unique and interesting. If League of Legends is something you want to explore more of, learn and improve at, check out the handy resources and tips below.

  1. Have an experienced player show you the ropes, there is no better way to get introduced to League of Legends than having a friend show you want you need to know and what you can ignore to start off with.
  2. Getting good at LoL is a journey, it is filled with ups and downs, wins and losses so just keep at it and stay focused on your own game play and what you can do better.
  3. There are tonnes of community created resources out there on the internet to learn from but I will share a few below: is a great website where you can look up your favourite champion and see what the professionals are doing with them. It shows you item builds, rune builds and what order to level up your abilities.Leaguecraft 101 series is a youtube playlist that teaches some more intermediate concepts around the game, I highly recommend this! (it helped me get from gold – plat)
  4. Play games, and always try to think about the decisions you are making. (Why am I engaging, not engaging, in this part of the map, with my team, away from my team etc etc).
  5. I recommend doing 1 v 1 against a friend of similar skill or a bit better than you to learn lane match ups and practice champion mechanics. (first blood, first tower or 100 cs)
  6. Have fun and get your friends to play together =D

Hope this helps and good luck on Summoners Rift.