HSEL 2018 Rocket League Rules

Introduction and Purpose

These Official Rules (“​Rules​”) Of the 2018 High School Esports League (“HSEL​”) apply to each of the teams, as well as their players and substitutes.

  1. League Structure

If you wish to contact ​the League Commissioner ,Woody “Maraudaur” Wu ​about the overall tournament please contact him at [email protected]​ with subject title as “HSEL query”.

Have any questions or require help about the HSEL? ​You can ask here [email protected]

HSEL general format

1.1 Schedule and match fixtures

Registrations close

21/06/2018 7pm AEST

Click here to see schedule and format

Match fixtures and specific school schedules will be communicated to teams after registration closes.

2. Player Eligibility

To be eligible to compete in the ​HSEL, players must meet the following conditions:

  • Current full time student in high school
  • Players must be aged 12 or over with teacher permission to participate
  • Players must be meeting academic requirements for participation determined by their schools
  • Player must own Rocket League on PC or PS4

2.1 Submitting Information

Your teacher will be required to submit full team details through a form we provide.

2.2 Oceanic Residents

Players must be a resident of an Oceanic country at the time of entry into the tournament, and must remain as one for the remainder of the tournament.

2.3 Game name eligibility

Summoner names must not include profanity or inappropriate language/references. We reserve the right to issue summoner name changes to any player with an inappropriate name.

3. Team Eligibility

  • Teams are eligible for the HSEL if they have a representing teacher
  • All players must be from the same high school, case by case exemptions may be made based on school population.

4. Roster Rules

You must contact your tournament organizer if there is any issues or question you have.

4.1 Roster Limits

Rosters must contain a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) players per tournament. Teams names must not contain or reference any inappropriate language.

HSEL 2018 rosters are locked on 22nd June 2018 once the team submission has been made for the Qualifiers. We may make adjustments to rosters on request on a case by case basis.

4.2 Multiple Rosters

Players cannot be listed on multiple rosters. However subs may play for another team from the same school that they are not listed on for up to 3 games.

4.3 Submitting Information

Each team will be required to send information upon entry to the HSEL qualifiers

4.4 Same High School

All members of the team must be from the same high school.

4.5 Subbing players
If your team wishes to make a substitution you may in between games as long as they are already on your official roster.

5. Prizes

Winner of each online qualifier will be flown to Adelaide to compete in a live LAN event finals series on Sunday, July 22.

6. Tournament & Game Rules

All players will be expected to be ready to join the game lobby and start play following the start of the tournament. Readiness includes, but is not limited to, completed client patching, and configuration of in­game settings.

6.1 Random Seeding

Seeding will be randomly assigned for the qualifier stage

6.2 Creating the match

Please follow this game day logistics post for how to create lobbies.

6.3 Game Restart

There will be no game restarts unless under extreme situations. Final decision on game restarts will be at the tournament organizers discretion.

6.4 Substitution

Player substitutions can only be made before and after a match during a tournament. Player substitutes must be on their roster. Furthermore, substitutions can be made during a match lobby, but once both teams have made a single ban in champion select, neither team can make a player substitution till the conclusion of the game.

6.5 Restrictions on Gameplay Elements

Restrictions may be added at any time before or during a match if there are known bugs for any other reason as determined at the discretion of tournament admins.

6.6 Tiebreakers

If a situation occurs where two or more teams are in a tie breaking situation. We will go off previous record from the tournament. In a three­way tiebreaker scenario three teams will play a single elimination best of one, with a single team getting a bye based off their gold ratios in previous matches.

7. Infraction and Penalties

Upon discovery of any player committing any violations regarded as unfair play, the tournament director may issue any or all penalties, at his/her sole discretion.

7.1 Punctuality

Managers/captains need to check in 10 minutes before the match is scheduled to start in discord. Failure to do so results in the team having to give up a free goal.

Teams get a five minute grace period to attend their scheduled match and field five players before they receive one of two penalties. If the team is less than ten (10) minutes late to the round, they must give a free goal. If the team is more than ten (10) minutes late, they receive a game loss penalty.


  • 12:30 pm check in opens
  • 12:50 pm check in closes (if you dont check in by 10:50 am you must give up a free goal)
  • 13:00 match start time (everyone should be in lobby and ready to go)
  • 13:06 – late team must give up a free goal
  • 13:11 – if your team does not arrive by this time you forfeit the match

7.2 Not Following Announcements

Every player has the responsibility to follow official tournament instructions and announcements. The penalty for failing to follow announcements and instructions is a side selection loss or ban loss.

7.3 Unsportsmanlike Behaviour

All player have the right to a safe and enjoyable tournament experience and a player or team should be aware if their behaviour infringes on those principles.

Receiving three warnings will result in free goal for the opposing team at the start of your next match, forth warning you will lose your game. Fifth warning will disqualify you from the tournament.

7.3.1 Minor

Minor unsportsmanlike behaviour occurs when a player or a team does something disruptive to the tournament or its participants. Examples include but aren’t limited to:

● Excessive swearing or profanity

● Demanding the opponent receives a penalty, even after a decision has been made final. The penalty for minor unsportsmanlike behaviour is a warning.

7.3.2 Major

Major unsportsmanlike behaviour falls into three specific categories and occurs when a player or team does one of the following:

● Fails to follow official tournament instructions aimed at a player or team..

● Directly insults someone using hate speech that targets a specific group (race, religion, gender, disability, etc.)

● Aggressive behaviour that’s not directed at another person (cursing, frustration, hostility, etc.).

● Aggressive behaviour targeting an individual (threats, personal attack, etc.)

Penalty for major unsportsmanlike behaviour is a game loss (The game that the behaviour is displayed in will be forfeited).
*Note please report this by sending in screenshots within 10 minutes of it happening to a tournament admin.

7.3.3 Severe

Severe unsportsmanlike behaviour includes cases that are too outrageous to fall under unsportsmanlike behaviour minor and major. An example of this is intentionally disrupting the operation of the tournament.

7.3.4 Collusion

Collusions is conspiring or cooperating with opposing teams in a tournament in order to deceive or cheat others.

Penalty for collusion is disqualification for both teams.

7.3.5 Cheating

Players have a right to receive fair and balanced treatment during our tournament. Players who knowingly do something against the rules to gain an advantage are cheating.

● Impersonating another player in the tournament, playing under false name, playing using another player’s summoner name or account sharing

● Playing with a player of another team’s roster or exceeding your roster limit of five players and using another player.

● Trigger a pause or delay the tournament to gain any advantage.

● Exploiting or intentionally using any in­game bugs to gain an advantage. The penalty for cheating is disqualification from the tournament.

8. Spirit of the Rules

8.1 Finality of Decisions

All decisions regarding the interpretation of these rules, player eligibility, scheduling, tournament format and penalties for misconduct, lie solely with assigned tournament officials, the decisions of which are final.

8.2 Rule Changes

These rules may be amended, modified, or supplemented at any time in order to ensure fair play and the integrity of the tournament