HSEL LoL update and play offs schedule

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is going well. I wanted to provide an update about the League as we are heading into play offs.

You can see an overview of the play offs schedule and format here – https://www.metahse.gg/index.php/2018/06/01/lol-tournament-format-2018/

How playoffs will work is as follows;

  • Top 4 teams from each group and division will head into a single elimination playoffs bracket. These matches will be best of 3
    Remember here is the standings link – https://www.metahse.gg/index.php/2018/06/01/hsel-lol-2018-standings/
  • Teams will then have until Friday 24th of August to complete all tie breakers and subsequent semi finals matches
    Details for these matches will be released this weekend!
    Note – TAS are already in semi finals and can choose to play the complete best of 3 over the next three Thursdays or all in one night. Please communicate with the opposing team to see what is suitable.
  • The Grand finals for each group will be as follows;
    • For premier divisions we are currently working to organise a live venue to play the grand finals. We have secured VIC and SA premier division locations and are currently in discussions with schools and other venues for NT, TAS and WAVIC is currently scheduled for 02/09/2018 (Sunday) 10 am game start at the Melbourne Esports open – https://www.metahse.gg/index.php/2018/08/06/758/
      SA is currently scheduled for 03/09/2018 (Monday) 5:30pm at Northern Adelaide Senior College. More details to be sent to the two teams that qualify.WA/TAS/NT we are currently working with potential venues but aiming for the 31/08/2018 (Friday) afternoon as well.
    • For challenger division grand finals we will be hosting them online currently aiming for the standard Thursday 5pm game on 30th of August. This will be a best of 3 so will last longer than usual.


If you have any questions or issues please let reach out and let me know.

Remember we are also looking for profiles and photos of your school team! If you want your team featured make sure to let your teacher know. We are looking to share stories about your school and team on our social media and website.

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