HSEL engaging Indigenous youth


Through a new program that has been developed at the Adelaide Football Club, Legacy Esports and the High School Esports League will be engaging with Indigenous youth from all around South Australia.

The new program has been developed in partnership with the South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy (SAASTA) and will be run by the McLeod Centre of Excellence at the Club’s headquarters.

Twenty-one SAASTA Academies will visit the Club to participate in a specialised AFLX training program and while doing so, will get an introduction into the world of esports.

Students will get the chance to visit the Club’s newly created High Performance Centre (HPC) as part of their session at the Club and get an insight into Legacy Esports and professional gaming as well as the High School Esports League and the opportunities to game for their schools at a grassroots level.

The first group of students attended the HPC on Thursday, August 16 and esports staff members spoke to over 70 students about the programs run through Adelaide’s esports division.

It was the first-time people attended the new HPC, which will be used for bootcamps for Legacy’s six professional teams.

It will also be available to students throughout different education programs we will be developing in consultations with our partners.

Stay tuned to both Legacy’s and HSEL’s socials across coming months to learn more about the HPC.