Prizes time frames and info

As we wrap up our first League of Legends season, we need to make sure prizes start being distributed.

Prize list can be found here –

Prizes will be distributed as follows

  • RP will be evenly split among the team listed on the team list
  • Only players on the team list will be given the prizes they are eligible for
  • We will be doing one FINAL update of the team list this Thursday at 10am (based on what is in the school portal) so please make sure your school portal roster is correct by Wednesday 05/09/2018 night
    • please check the team list Friday 07/09/2018 morning and get in touch asap on Friday if it is incorrect.
  • We will then collate all team and standings information and pass onto riot for prizing
  • Triumphant Ryze will be given to players that on 1st place teams that have 2 + games played.

We expect digital prizes to be in players account by 14/09/2018

Medals for the premier division winners are being worked on and we will send that directly to the schools as soon as they are ready.