NASC trials HPC


Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC) students experienced and trialled Legacy Esports’ Samsung High Performance Centre when they visited the Adelaide Football Club (AFC) last week.

A selection of students and teachers involved in their innovative Academy of Gaming, Film and Animation (AGFA) trialled the technology in the centre, playing a wide variety of games throughout the afternoon.

The trial gave Legacy and AFC’s High School Esports League (HSEL) valuable information as they look to arrange regular school visitation programs to the Samsung HPC in the future, as part of the soon-to-be developed HSEL educational programs.

As part of the educational programs, schools will rotate through the Samsung HPC and practice gaming with elite-standard equipment.

This isn’t the start of HSEL’s and NASC’s collaboration, with NASC involved in Hybrid World Adelaide alongside HSEL in July this year.

During the Hybrid World final, AGFA students undertook work experience, running the stage production and looking after everything behind the scenes and their event and technical expertise meant that there was a flawless production that made the stage come alive.

The Academy of Gaming, Film and Animation at NASC teaches students to do a wide range of tasks in a multimedia environment including game designs and development, creating textures and sound effects, camera and sound work for live steam vodcasts and creating tutorials using game capture software.

Students involved in AGFA helped put on a variety of LAN gaming events and esports leagues or other schools, councils and local businesses around South Australia and can earn SACE credits for completing the course.

HSEL would like to thank NASC for their support in visiting Legacy’s Samsung HPC and looks forward to further collaboration in the future.