HSEL name change

The High School Esports League (HSEL) will now be known as META High School Esports.

META League Commissioner Woody Wu said the rebranding was exciting and timely given the competition was expanding overseas.

“As we expand our league to New Zealand, we wanted to give our brand an update to better represent who we are and what we do,” Wu said.

“Meta in esports generally refers to the most prevalent strategies and tactics within a given patch cycle.”

Wu also said the name – META – represented the organisation’s key values.


Education and learning

Talent and growth


“META High School Esports better reflects that we are more than just a league,” Wu said.

“META aims to provide infrastructure and support for schools and students in Australia and New Zealand.

“We believe that students can learn valuable skills through esports, such as teamwork, communication, discipline and dealing with adversity.

“We will work with their passion for esports to develop their skills and to better themselves as students.

“The league is only the first step of what we are hoping to build.”

Esports is rapidly growing across the globe and with the continued support of the Adelaide Football Club, META will work with schools and teachers across Australia and New Zealand to help engage with more students.

More than 100 teams from 60 schools competed in the HSEL in 2018 with 670 students playing more than 300 matches.

Make sure to explore our new website! 2019 season information can be found under our Leagues page.