Registration Process

Here’s a quick post around what steps are required before you are officially signed up

  1. Have a teacher or school staff member register on our website
  2. Collect team information
    1. Full name
    2. In game name
    3. Email
    4. Discord username
  3. The teacher will be able to login to the META portal to submit their roster.
  4. Teachers will be able to reset their password and access the portal
  5. Teachers should then add teams and students through the portal. The cut off date to have your rosters submitted in the portal is the 26th of February, 8pm AEDT.

Check out this video for a quick guide

Once teachers have put in the team information the team will be considered registered for the competition.

We will be in touch as well with more information about game day operations and also a link to our discord server.

Note teachers that participated last year will only need to update their rosters in the portal.