Responsibilities and Gameday

Teachers are ultimately responsible for making sure the team and its players understand the rules and schedule and display sportsmanship throughout the season.

However, if teachers wish to go over and above we also recommend the below;

  • Utilising the Learn with League resources and having extra sessions to help build students character through their participation in esports –
  • You may also choose to spectate your team’s games and do a quick review afterwards
    Download a replay file and go over it with the team on a different day
  • You may wish to start a League of Legends club at your school to go along with the competitive participation –
  • Get involved with META staff and other teachers on our discord server!

Gameday procedure

The below may be handled by a teacher or a team captain

  1. Check schedule and tournament code in the META portal (guide coming soon)
    How to use tournament code?
  2. Make sure you have gone through the checklist before gameday
  3. Ensure you check in on our discord server between 4:30 pm – 4:50 pm local time
    You check in by going to the “[state]-checkin” channel in our discord server. Type “[team name] check in” in that channel to complete your check in.
  4. Make sure your team is online and ready to play by 5:00 pm local time
    If both teams are in the lobby and both ready feel free to start the match earlier as well
  5. Play, compete and remember to say “gg wp” after the game
  6. Once the game is done the score will be reported automatically to our tournament platform through the tournament code. If tournament code was unavailable you would need to send a screenshot of the end game lobby to an admin.
  7. Once all matches have been played (including reschedules), the schedule for your next match will be up and you just repeat from step 1