Week 4 Beginner Division changes

Beginner Division is a place to help newer players accustom to a competitive format but after registrations from our initial requirements that the majority of the teams did not meet these requirements, they would have two or three players under level 15 with a couple of players over the level requirement. This left us in a position where these teams are not prepared and do not meet the champion requirement to play in the open division but also we would have very few teams left in Beginner Division. We decided to leave these teams in beginner. Now that we’re in week 3 and have time to process the situation.

Starting from Week 4, we have made the following changes to the Beginner Division:

  • Changed the level requirement from 1 – 45 to 1 – 55
  • Changed the rank requirement from Bronze 1 – Iron 4 to Silver 1 and Iron 4

Players who are not eligible are banned from playing in any Beginner Division games. If you see it in your lobby, please report immediately to an admin and do not the start the game.

All matches for week 3 will proceed as normal, teams will have a weeks notice to update and change their roster accordingly to the new rules in place.