2019 Rocket League – Portal Guide

Please Note: Only Captains or Teachers can get access to the match details on the game day.

This is a guide for Teachers and captains on how to participate on the Rocket League Competition game days.

Here are the key timings and must be followed during the competition (Times are in your local timezone)

  • 4:30 PM check in opens
  • 4:50 PM check in closes (if you don’t check in by 4:50 pm you must give up a free goal)
  • 5:00 PM Match Start Time (everyone should be in lobby and ready to go)
  • 5:06 PM Late team must give up a free goal
  • 5:11 PM If your team does not arrive by this time you forfeit the match/series

Once you have logged in, go to the schedule tab.

You can click “Get Details” and one of three outcomes will happen.

Outcome One you will be given the Match Lobby details and are tasked with creating the lobby

In Rocket League you will need to click Play->Private Match -> Create Private Match with the following settings

Create Match -> Set the correct name and password and wait in lobby with your team.

Once your three players are in lobby and ready click “Check in” back in the portal. Please make sure to not join a side until both teams are ready in the lobby to play.

Outcome Two
If you see “Wait until the lobby is confirmed” this mean the other team is still in the process of creating the lobby and you will need to wait and manually refresh (CTRL+R) this page until you see Outcome Three.

We do track when you click “Get details” in case of a dispute.

Outcome Three
The lobby has been created and the other team is waiting on you to join the lobby.

In Rocket League, click Play->Private Match->Join Private Match

Once your team has all three players in the lobby, confirm on the portal you have joined the lobby by clicking the “Joined Lobby” button. Once both teams are ready join the correct side and play the game.

Once the game has ended you can report your score by clicking the report button

You will be greeted by this screen, report your score, for evidence zip screenshots of your wins and confirm.

Once Admins confirm your score they will appear in the standings once they are updated.