NBA2K19 META playoffs pictures

With play offs just around the corner we wanted to give you an idea of how it all works.

As of 10/06/2019 there are only two more weeks of swiss rounds to go.

  • 13th of June
  • 20th of June

Then on the 27th of June any tie breakers that need to be played will be played. After this we will have our top four teams from each group who will then move onto playoffs.

Tie breakers info

Group 1 – winners proceed to playoffs

WMCJ vs Heathmont Hawks 4, 27/06/2019, 17:00

AIA 2k 2 vs Ambarvale High School , 27/06/2019, 17:00

Group 2 – round robin top two proceed to playoffs

Coburg NBA2K team 2 vs Heathmont Hawks 2, 27/06/2019, 17:00

JBSC_Jake vs Heathmont Hawks 2, 27/06/2019, 18:00

JBSC_Jake vs Coburg NBA2K team 2, 27/06/2019, 18:40

Play offs will be a double elimination format and played after the term 2/3 break

  • 27/07/2019 – Week 8- Play offs – 3pm – 6pm
  • 03/08/2019 – Week 9 – Playoffs – 3pm -6pm

The play offs match ups will be as follows
Group 1, 1st vs Group 2, 4th
Group 1, 2nd vs Group 2, 3rd
Group 1, 3rd vs Group 2, 2nd
Group 1, 4th vs Group 2, 1st

The top two teams will be flown to Melbourne Esports Open to compete for the overall championship on the 1st of September.