Recap – Esports Teacher Session

META High School Esports and the Essendon FC presented a unique opportunity for teachers involved in esports, hosting the very first esports information session in partnership with Riot Games.

At the Essendon Hangar, presenter Ivan Davies, Social Play and Community at Riot Games Oceania, took the participants through a two-hour workshop on how to prepare an esports team for high performance.

Through interactive games and activities based around sportsmanship and teamwork, teachers were challenged to think about esports coaching in a new and more in-depth way.

META’s mission is to engage with schools, parents, and government to help high school students improve life skills and educational outcomes through their passion for esports and gaming.

“The teacher session we ran with the Essendon FC and Riot Games was a great first step for us in this space. We hope as we continue to grow, we can deliver more events that show how we can utilise student’s passion for esports to develop their character and school engagement”, said Woody Wu, League Commissioner at META High School Esports.

The session is part of Riot’s commitment to supporting the League of Legends experience, which revolves around the ‘Learn with League’ program promoting the learning benefits of League of Legends.

After concluding the workshop, teachers immediately thought about how they can implement the strategies in not just their esports coaching, but also around the workplace and outside of esports at school.

“The session raised so many ideas and I just wanted to bottle the entire session and bring it back to my students. The way Ivan presented was amazing and his passion for building this sport was great”, said one teacher after the workshop.

Another participant highlighted that the session will help her to “integrate more sportsmanship behaviour, clearer rules and enforce team ethics and behaviour” in a coaching environment.