About Us

META’s mission is to engage with schools, parents, and government to help high school students improve life skills and educational outcomes through their passion for esports and gaming. We will do this through the support of our parent company the Adelaide Football Club, and the wealth of experience that our partners and employees bring to the table.

We believe that esports is a healthy, challenging and fun activity that can play a formative role in building life skills, and we strive to create the highest quality experience for all participants.

Here is a letter from our META League Commissioner, Woody Wu

Greetings Everyone, and welcome to META High School Esports!

Our vision is to see every school in Australia provides opportunities and support for Students with a passion for esports. Students have access to national and local leagues, training and development and esports arenas on campus. Esports is supported like sports by schools, parents and government bodies.

We are committed to making progress in this space and believe that esports should be available to every student as a legitimate sport in high schools across Australia so that students can participate, learn and compete in a safe environment.

It’s an exciting time and we welcome your support, feedback, and sportsmanship moving forward.

See you on the rift!


Woody previously worked with Riot Games (Sydney) to develop and expand the League of Legends University infrastructure. This involved everything from supporting and developing club leaders among university students, to organising national university competitions in partnership with Unigames. Woody’s expertise is invaluable and has enabled him to establish the META High School Esports infrastructure and support systems.

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Maraudaur

Our Name

Meta in esports titles generally refers to the most prevalent strategies and tactics within a given patch cycle. We also use META as an acronym to represent some key values we hold.


Education and learning

Talent and Growth


We believe that people can learn valuable skills through esports, such as teamwork, communication, discipline, dealing with adversity etc. META High School Esports better reflects that we are more than just a league. We aim to provide infrastructure and support for schools and students to work with their passion for esports to develop skills and be better. The league is only the first step of what we are hoping to build.