Registrations open now and close – 3rd of May 2019 20:00 AEST


Regional rounds – swiss , best of 3
All teams play within their respective regions.

Regional offs – single elimination, best of 5
Top four teams within the region face off in playoff format.

Championship rounds – Round Robin, best of 3
Each regional champion plays against each other.

Championship grand finals – best of 5
Top two from the Championship round face off in a best of 5 match.


Regionals stage

  • 1st – State Championship Medals + qualify for championship stage + Live event finals
  • 2nd – Live event finals

Nationals Stage

  • 1st – National medals + Trophy + flights and travel expenses to attend Melbourne Esports Open
  • 2nd – flights and travel expenses to attend Melbourne Esports Open


Q: What platforms can Rocket League be played on?

A: All platforms are available as Rocket League now has full cross play.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Participating in the league is free!

Q: How do I register?

A: For a school to register a teacher or school staff member must register to the website with their school email. They will then be contacted and given access to an account which will allow them to create and submit school teams.

Q: How many players in a team?

A: Teams require minimum 3 players and maximum 5 players (2 optional substitutes), for rules on how to use subs please check the rules page.

Q: Where will matches take place?

A: Teams can play on school campus or from home for most matches. Regionals finals and Championship Grand Finals will be at physical venues and require travel.

Q: When will matches take place?

A: Most matches are scheduled 5pm local time on Thursdays. Reschedules can be arranged, please refer to rules for the exact process.

Q: Do all the players on the team need to be from the same high school?

A: Yes

Q: How many teams can my school submit for open and beginner divisions?

A: As many as you have players for!


Match times will be starting Thursday 5pm local time and a best of three match/series will be played per week for a duration of roughly 30 – 60 minutes. Except for the regional tiebreakers, regional playoffs, regional grand finals and championship stages.

  • 03/05/2019 – Registrations close
  • 09/05/2019 – Week 1
  • 16/05/2019 – Week 2
  • 23/05/2019 – Week 3
  • 30/05/2019 – Week 4
  • 06/06/2019 – Week 5
  • 13/06/2019 – Week 6 – Regional tie breakers
  • 20/06/2019 – Week 7 – Regional playoffs
  • sometime between 24/06/2019 & 07/07/2019 – Week 9 – Regional Finals – (live event)
  • 27/07/2019 – Week 8 – Championship rounds
  • 03/08/2019 – Week 9 – Championship rounds
  • 31st Aug or 1st Sept – Week 10 – Championship Grand Finals at Melbourne Esports Open (live event)