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Check list for game day

With our season starting soon. We have a checklist for you to go through to make sure the day goes smoothly. Make sure the game is patched. League of Legends usually patches every two weeks on Wednesday. Boot up League of Legends and make sure it is up to date and patched well before your … Continued

What is Honour?

As you may have noticed in the rules, for a player to be eligible their League of Legends account must be in good standing with the games Honour system. Participants Honour level must be 2 or higher. Lets go through a few quick points about Honour and how you can talk to your students about … Continued

Submitting team information

This article will help you submit team information after registering your school on our website. Note – If you haven’t joined our discord server yet please do, you can get in touch with us and other teachers there. The discord server link is in the email we send out when you register on our website … Continued

HSEL LoL 2018 prizes

The High School Esports League is about learning through play, sportsmanship and team camaraderie. It’s about growing as an individual and as a team. While every team will get something out of HSEL, the top teams will be rewarded for their dedication and skill as well. Below are the prizes for each state premier and … Continued

HSEL 2018 LoL Rules

Introduction and Purpose These Official Rules (“​Rules​”) Of the 2018 High School Esports League (“HSEL​”) apply to each of the teams, as well as their players and substitutes. The HSEL will consist of three phases (a) qualifiers, (b) Premier/Challenger, These Rules only apply to the HSEL and not to other competitions, tournaments or organized play … Continued

HSEL dates and schedule

With HSEL starting soon we wanted to talk about when games would be taking place. I am sure you have all already seen the rough structure – – in this post we will break down the dates. Schedule Note* registrations close 23/05/2018 at 7pm AEST   Game days will be Thursday each week with … Continued

Whats the process like after I register?

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the HSEL! This article will explain what the registration process is like and what to expect once you have registered. 1) To register head on over to our sign up page *note you will need to be a teacher to register a team and you will need … Continued

Why you should get involved in high school esports

“We know the benefits of traditional high school sports and how teamwork and productive collaboration can be promoted through meaningful competition. If this can be promoted in rugby or cricket, why not in League of Legends? Through gaming, we have the opportunity to reach a different type of student, one who’s never been passionate about … Continued

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