Welcome to Highschool League of Legends

AFL, AFC and UniSA.
We are passionate. We are capable. We are ready.

Sporting Credibility

  • Position eSports as healthy, challenging and fun
  • Cross code engagement – cross-marketing, guest appearances, etc
  • Sportsmanship, integrity and credibility

Rapid Growth

  • Huge publicity – most of Australia will hear about this
  • We will commit working capital and dedicated resources
  • What school wouldn’t want to participate?!

Commercial Stability

  • We work with hundreds of schools
  • We can leverage our educational content into the LoL High Schools Initiative
  • We work with state education departments

Trusted Partner to Schools

  • Our offer includes Scholarship programs
  • Over $1 billion revenue in Australia
  • No financial/operational default risk for RIOT
  • Proven ability to generate sponsorship revenue

Aligned Incentives

  • Proven cooperative partner – let’s share success
  • Mutual interest in League of Legends as premier title
  • Mutual interest in target audience