Teacher’s guide

Game and League Information

League of Legends is a 5v5 competition where students play a game every Tuesday 5pm local time. We have both an open and beginner division for different skill levels of play.
Rocket League is a 3v3 competition where students play a best out of three series every Thursday 5pm local time. First to win two games wins the series.
NBA2K is a 1v1 competition where students play a game every Thursday 5pm local time.
You can find the rest of the information about schedules, rules and frequently asked questions in the links provided.

Registration Process

1. A teacher or school staff member must register on our website.(School staff email required)
2. After you have received an email confirmation you will be able to setup your account on the META portal.
3. To setup your account you must click “Forgotten your password” and use the email you registered with to get a password reset to access our website. Once you are logged in you will be able to register your students and then put them into teams. Set the team as active once they are ready to play.
4. For registering students we need the following information for tracking their performance and enabling features for students to access the portal. We need the following information:

■ Full Name
■ Email
■ Discord tag (e.g. Zeforus#8373)
■ In game name (for each game)

If you’re still struggling to register your students into the correct areas we have created some videos to assist you.

Login and Roster management
How to change in-game name
Multi-game team submission and new features

How to contact us

All tournament administrators for each game title are visible on our Discord servers, we publish up to date information and announcements and run all our on the game day procedures on these communication servers.

All teachers and students are invited to stay in touch with one another and also to reach out to tournament administrators for any concerns or questions.

League of Legends Discord server
Rocket League Discord server
NBA2K Discord server

Check List before game day

Every game functions a bit different but this checklist applies to all game titles we run competitions for. So please make sure to do the following before the day of your matches.
■ Make sure your game is patched and ready to play, you don’t want lateness penalties such as ban losses or even a game loss
■ Make sure your hardware and software is in working condition, we do not accept failure of hardware or software as a reasonable excuse to pause games or delay matches.

Game Day Procedures

Each game runs slightly different from one another, however checking the schedule provided, checking in, playing and schedules for next week remains the same.

A tournament administrator will announce when the next weeks pairings have been released and you will be able to access your schedule on the META Portal.

Between 4:30 PM and 4:50 PM local time on your discord server if you have gotten your correctly assigned role in the #roles channel you will see your “#[state]-checkin” channel and just type “[Team Name] checking in” to complete the check in.

At 5:00 PM or earlier if both teams are ready and wish to play earlier you can commence your game.

Finish your game and remember to say “gg wp”, after all the games for the week have finished (including reschedules) we will publish next weeks pairings.

The different game day procedures for each game title are as follows

League of Legends
■ Receive the tournament code in the META portal
Use the tournament code in game
■ If a tournament code was used, our platform will automatically update our score. If a custom game lobby was used, you will need to send a screenshot of your end game lobby and also the match history URL to the “#[state]-results” channel

Rocket League

How to play on the day guide
■ Please make sure to take any screenshots to dispute

■ Once the game is done have the captain take a screen shot and post the result into the “[state]-results” channel in our discord server. Type “[team x] wins vs [team y] score [2-1]”