Teacher’s guide

This page is a centralised resource where teachers can find everything they need to know about participating in META High School Esports leagues and events.

Make sure to join the META LoL discord server to stay up to date with the latest announcements, talk to tournament administrators and stay in touch with other teachers that are involved in high school esports!

Check out this post for some thoughts and stories about why you should get involved in high school esports.

Check out this post to understand the registration process.

Check out this post to learn more about teacher and captain responsibilities and gameday processes.

You can find specific information about each game/league we run by going through the leagues page. You should also find frequently asked questions in the overview sub page.

Riot Games learn with league website

The learn with league website is a great resource to help support you in your journey with esports. Some great resources include;

Hopefully through this page your questions are answered but if there is any more information you want to know please do reach out!

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